Sonic Corporation

Sonic Mixing Corp. is home to the custom-designed process systems you’ll need, and want, in your plant. We manufacture a wide range of mixing equipment that we can custom fit to your exact needs in the chemical, personal care, pharmaceutical and food and beverage industries. Our solutions-based approach will deliver you time and money savings.

Single and multiple feed process systems:

  • Sonolator high pressure homogenizer systems
  • Custom TechBlend in line blending systems
  • Colloid Mills
  • Propeller Mixers
  • Customized pumping and metering systems

Our innovative Sonolator homogenizer, our in-line blending systems, and multiple-feed homogenizing systems have enabled businesses around the world to become more efficient in their processes. We accomplish this by saving them time and energy, while reducing waste, operating and maintenance costs, cycle times, and by dramatically increasing their throughput capacities within their existing tank space. We strive to improve the quality of emulsions and dispersions by reducing particle sizes and particle size distributions within a fluid mixture.

Sonolator logo

TF Pro Sonolator machine


The Sonolator is a high pressure homogenizer used in a complete mixing system. In single or multi-feed form it instantly creates fine, uniform and stable emulsions and dispersions in the chemical, personal care, pharmaceutical and food & beverage industries.

Techblend logo

multifeed Sonolator machine

Blending Systems

Building on our expertise with system fabrication via the Sonolator and its multiple-feed capabilities, we launched TechBlend — our fully automated, in-line blending system. Used in all industries for a wide range of product applications, it reduces labor costs and provides greater process control.

Roto-Mill colloid mill logo

Colloid mill machine

Colloid mill

We recently made vast improvements to our Colloid mill designs with the introduction of our RotoMill.  Our new design offers many features and benefits not common to the standard colloid mill. So if you need to grind wetted solids or evenly disperse slurries, check out our RotoMill catalog or presentation.

Typhoon prop mixer logo

propeller mixer machine

Propeller mixer

We offer a range of prop mixers and agitators for tank sizes up to 5000 gallons.  This equipment ranges from mixer agitators to tank agitators to drum agitators with 1/4 to 10 HP motors.

Pumping Systems

Sonic Mixing offers pumping systems for material transfer, metering, high pressure pumping and more. Our expertise with system design and fabrication for nearly 50 years means you’ll get an affordable high quality solution for your pumping needs!