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Blending System

Custom In Line Blending Systems

Blending Systems and In Line Blending Systems offer a wide range of benefits and Sonic Corp. has the design and fabrication abilities to deliver these to your factory floor. In line blending can be tricky yet provides huge cost saving benefits.

Design customization is an essential component of these systems and Sonic’s TechBlend systems all start with intelligently engineered designs. We meet with you one-on-one to discuss your in line mixing and blending problems.  In many cases, customers are looking to reduce operator involvement in order to save on costs and reduce errors.  

The constant manual transfer of ingredients to a blending tank at proper weight and proper ratio is time consuming and prone to errors.  Sonic, with its wealth of experience with factories and plants, helps deduce the best in line processing approach based on your environment and existing capabilities.

Basic Blending System for In Line Mixing & Processing

  • In-Line Mixer Element
  • PD Pumps (PG, Gear, Plunger, etc)
  • Coriolis Mass Flow Meters; 0.1-0.50% ratio control accuracy
  • In-Line Heaters, Valves and Instrumentation
  • Tanks and Vessels
  • VFD cabinets, PLC/HMI cabinet design and fab
  • Full PLC automation programming
  • Pressures up to 250 PSI
  • Flows from 0.25 to 100+ GPM

TechBlend on the Factory Floor 

On the factory floor, TechBlend customized Blending Systems provide excellent reliability and control. Ingredients are now metered accurately from bulk or small vessels or containers using PD pumps and mass flow meter technology. Reliable pumps are chosen from a variety of sources. Fully automated PLC, HMI and VFD cabinets are designed and fabricated by Sonic. This guarantees that your continuous in line mixer is delivered ready for operation right out of the crate.  With Sonic’s attention to every manufacturing detail, you get outstanding craftsmanship coupled with functional design.  We are an American Manufacturer and we take great pride in our work!

 Benefits of a Multiple-Feed Blending System 

  • Meter water from its own source without consuming valuable tank space  
  • Get more product out of existing tank space
  • Reduce operator involvement and mistakes
  • Reduce material transfers
  • Reduce processing errors
  • Minimize waste

Improved Blending Processes 

Recent advancements in mixing system designs have contributed to the growing success of food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries meeting 3A and EHEDG requirements for sanitary, hygienic design, while lowering production costs. To be current, Sonic educates itself continuously on the various requirements associated with sanitary process equipment. Knowing about the latest pump and instrumentation offerings available in the complicated world of sanitary process design is crucial to our success. We have the ability to provide hygienic processing systems that meet EHEDGE and 3A standards.  Additionally, this deep knowledge of pumps, components and instrumentation allows us to design and fabricate blending systems that deliver process efficiencies and product quality to your factory.

In Line Blending is Fundamental to Process Efficiency and Product Quality

  • Flexibility in operation (multiple products from one plant; variable batch sizes)
  • Product consistency and repeatability
  • Success in scale-up/scale-down
  • Continuous and On-Demand Processing
  • Very accurate metering and control of ingredient addition

See Example of 3D Design Modeling Capabilities!

Sonic’s design capabilities and knowledge of plant instrumentation is ever expanding, allowing for greater flexibility designing your TechBlend system.  This means you get want what you want.  You aren’t forced to make tough choices based on limited understanding of instrumentation, automation, controls, etc.

Outstanding 3D Design and Animation 

Let Sonic investigate your mixing and process problems.  We’ll come up with a solution where our High-Pressure Homogenizer Sonolator can be incorporated into a Multiple-Feed system for emulsifying, dispersing, blending and mixing your liquid materials on an In-line, Continuous basis.

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