Homogenizer & Blending System Specialists

Sonic Corp. designs and manufactures custom Homogenizer Systems, In Line Blending Systems and Colloid Mill Systems.  What distinguishes Sonic from other suppliers is our extensive knowledge and experience with real-world factory process issues.  We solve mixing problems!  At Sonic, we understand pumps and pumping technology.  We understand mass flow meter technology.  We understand valves, motors, automated controls, VFDs, and a whole host of other equipment that is typically required in any processing system.  Call on us to help with your mixing and process needs!

Sonolator homogenizer systems

High Pressure Homogenizer

homogenizers, prop mixers, & colloid mills

Our Sonolator Homogenizer Systems offer a continuous or semi-continuous process solution to all your mixing and homogenizing problems! The Sonolator Homogenizer creates very fine and stable emulsions in-line as the fluid is pumped to a holding tank. Multiple-feed process systems allow various material to be metered from bulk and emulsified at once.

  • No more water in a tank!
  • Get more mileage out of your current tank space!
  • No one else meters and homogenizes at high pressure!
  • Think of the problems we can solve for you!
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TechBlend_In-Line Blending system logo

In Line Blending System

high pressure homogenizer

Building on our 50+ years of experience with design and fabrication of continuous multiple-feed Sonolator homogenizer systems, we launched TechBlend. TechBlend is our custom designed in line Blending Systems that feature full automation and PLC control.

  • Stop transferring to a mix tank and think outside the tank!
  • Meter and blend in line from bulk storage, totes, drums and more.
  • Save time and labor costs!

Reduce time consuming, labor intensive transfer and mixing times to the simple push of a button. Tell you what, we’ll include a level sensor on a fill tank and you won’t even have to push a button! It will refill automatically!

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Roto-Mill Colloid Mil

Colloid Mills

high shear mixer

We recently made vast improvements to an age old technology. Sonic’s RotoMill Colloid Mill has a new, robust seal and bearing design that withstands everything you can throw at it! Our new design offers features and benefits not common to your average Colloid Mill. So if you need to grind wetted solids or evenly disperse slurries, look no further! Get longer life out of spare parts budget with the RotoMill!

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Typhoon propeller mixer

Propeller Mixers

industrial mixing equipment

Additionally, we offer a range of Propeller Mixers and agitators for tank sizes up to 5000 gallons.  These propeller mixers range from mixer agitators to tank agitators to drum agitators with 1/4 to 10 HP motors.

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