At Sonic Mixing Corp, we pride ourselves on the attention paid to every manufacturing detail associated with the design and fabrication of our Homogenizer systems, Colloid Mills, Liquid Process Systems and Inline Blending Systems. It begins with the metal, which sits in its raw form on racks in the shop, waiting to be cut, welded and polished.

316L stainless in the raw!

We see this metal as the beginning of the building and fabrication process. Great care is taken in cutting and polishing to make straight and trustworthy lines. Flexing of metal frames is a common problem with skids that bear the force of torque put out by 75 HP motors. Welding is crucial to the process and we want the frame to be appealing as much as we want it strong and reliable.

The Perfect Weld

All of our tubular stainless steel frames are manually welded by our skilled personnel. The perfect weld features well-spaced “beads” that resemble dimes stacked neatly upon one another like fallen dominoes, even in the areas of frame often hidden beneath components once the skid is complete.

System frame cleaned and ready!

We put forth the same level of care and attention to the welding of piping and tubing for our liquid process lines on every skid. Homogenizer systems operating at pressures to 5,000 psi require precise welding techniques that allow piping to withstand the brutal force of such pressure. In our hygienic design process systems, clean interiors are required for cleanability and purity. We have invested in several orbital welders to ensure these connections are the best they can be.

Right Equipment for the Job

It is important to have the best equipment to provide a broader range of solutions for our customers. Orbital welding systems are used in the manufacture of piping and tubing installed in both low and high pressure process systems. Mig and Tig welders are used for heavier metals such as 1/4 inch thick stainless plate and tubing. Setup, use and maintenance of all welding equipment requires trained technicians and personnel.

Homogenizer Welding


Complete System Design

All of this leads to the ability to provide complete system designs and solutions that effectively weave together form and function. Complete systems that use our Sonolator Homogenizer, multiple PD pumps, motors, instrumentation, and piping all start with these minor details in the welding and polishing of frames and piping. Our custom systems illustrate this craftsmanship in every detail. We take real pride in this and we hope it shows!