Adhesive Emulsification

Adhesive Emulsification

homogenized adhesives

Mixing adhesives or, more specifically, emulsifying epoxies and resins is a key part of making adhesives with a long shelf life, improved stability and high performance.

The entire history of adhesives is rather fascinating.  Early humankind discovered adhesives and glues found in birch bark and plant gums.  They soon discovered they could treat the plant gum with red ochre to create a much stronger bond.  The glue was used to help fasten stone to wood in the production of axes and other tools.  This history of adhesives illustrates why major manufacturing companies like Henkel, Avery, 3M and others have dedicated themselves to the improvement of all manner of adhesives.

The Sonolator high pressure homogenizer is an innovative mixing unit that very effectively emulsifies a wide range of fluids, resins and epoxies in the adhesive manufacturing process.  The Sonolator also does an outstanding job of dispersing fumed silica or other solids into polyester resins.

Adhesives Quality Improvement

Whether it is the dispersion of solids like fumed silica, often used with polyester resin, or the emulsification of epoxy resins, the homogenization process is a key factor in reducing the particle size of glues, epoxies and resins.

Smaller particles allow for better surface coverage when applied.  The process also tears apart solids agglomerates, eliminating not just larger lumps but micron-sized particulates.

The Sonolator uses a high pressure PD pump operating between 100 and 5,000 PSI to accelerate the fluid over a minute distance.  This rapid change in fluid velocity tears apart droplets and particles within the fluid stream.  The fluid is forced over a knife-like blade that imparts extreme cavitation within the fluid, reducing particle size even further.

high pressure homogenizer

high-pressure homogenizer for adhesives

Custom Emulsification and Dispersion Systems for Adhesives

Sonic Corporation designs and builds custom high pressure emulsification and dispersion systems for the adhesives industry. All systems feature the Sonolator, a high-pressure PD pump, motor, instrumentation and automation controls.  Systems are fabricated while working directly with your factory engineers to make sure everything is covered from allowable footprint size to required controls.  Sonic has 3D design capabilities to ensure the build is as you need it.  We currently use AutoDesk A360 Project Site for communicating and sharing project drawings and edits. This provides for efficient collaboration between Sonic engineers and your company.  You’ll be able to view and manipulate your system layout, without downloading any software.  Or access from a phone or tablet using the A360 app. Here’s a sample of one of our 3D renderings of a system used in the adhesive industry for making emulsions at pressure between 3,000 and 5,000 PSI.

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