Manufacturing Grease

Manufacturing Grease

Milling grease

There are 3 main target grease applications where Sonic’s Colloid Mills are used quite effectively:

1) Lithium greases, or soap-based greases – white in appearance and comprised of fatty acids and salts. They tend to be very temperature tolerant, non-corrosive and adhere nicely to metal surfaces.

2) Polyurea greases – byproducts of resin compounds, amines and isocyanate. This mixture makes for much higher tolerance to heat for longer periods of time, therefore becoming a common choice for bearing manufacturers.

3) Bentonite grease – manufactured using bentonite clay which imparts excellent sealing properties as well as resistance to softening at higher temperatures.

The soaps in the lithium and aggregates or clays within the polyurea and bentonite need to be properly dispersed within the liquid medium without over-shearing. Any milling equipment needs to handle the high viscosity of these fluid mixtures as well. This is where our colloid mills for grease do a great job!

Lab Scale Grease Milling

Sonic’s milling machines offer many benefits:

  • Multiple Bearings for added stability and life
  • Movable seal chamber to prevent opening of seal faces
  • Pressurizable seal chamber to allow high outlet pressure from viscous material
  • Custom design to accommodate customer requirements
  • Lab Scale size readily available

We are one of a few manufacturers to offer a small 2.5 inch size Lab Mill. With only a 2.5 inch (65 mm) diameter rotor, this Colloid Mill offers a great amount of versatility. It can be set up in similar manner to the larger scale units to improve on scalability.

  • Small test batches with minimized waste
  • Highly portable system
  • Optional seal assemblies available
  • Customizable to include feed pumps, instrumentation, PLC controls
  • Available as small bench-top or on portable cart

Lab scale colloid mill portable system

Size 12 Production Colloid Mill

Production Scale Customized Skids

Sonic Corp designs and custom builds production scale Colloid Mills to size 12 inch diameter rotors for processing various greases. Production scale equipment can process up to 1600 GPH using pressure fed inlet. It’s our ability to customize these units into skids with various components that sets us apart from the competition. As you can see, we provide a 3D design for approval that can include any of the following:

  • Feed Pumps for pressure feeding viscous greases
  • Seal Flush delivery recirculation pumps with jacketed cooling vessel
  • Carts or frames to accommodate your factory needs or restraints
  • Heating or Cooling jackets as required for grease processing
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