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Hair Dye and Colorants

Some modern-day hair dye products are actually emulsions that resemble hair conditioners. To make this solution uniform and stable, a proper emulsion needs to be formed. These hair colorant products use oils that do. Not easily stay in suspension with water or other medium.

Sonic’s Inline Sonolator Homogenizer unit creates excellent emulsions with substantially improved appearance and shelf life. The reduced droplet size of the oil phase allows for a stable product that blends well into the hair. Mechanical shear homogenizers can only reduce the droplet size to about 3-4 microns, whereas the Sonolator can achieve sub-micron droplet sizes.

Additionally, our technology allows for multiple phases to be simultaneously metered into our high-pressure mixing chamber to reduce process cycle times and make a better finished product faster. See this Processing Magazine article to learn more:

Sonic has designed and fabricated complete emulsification systems specifically for hair colorant emulsions that meters oil and water phases to create better quality products using less heat transfer and less batch type mixing. Some large scale systems have feature onboard CIP tank and instrumentation to clean the system automatically after each cycle run.

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