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Manufacture Disinfectant Cleaning Products

With COVID-19, manufacturers of disinfectant cleaning products need to move faster than ever. Sonic Corp’s continuous inline blending systems allow producers to make more finished product faster by taking water and raw materials from bulk and simultaneously metering & mixing them inline at proper ratios.

Batch mixing is clunky, labor-intensive and slow. Operators buzz around large, space-consuming tanks to transfer water and other bulk fluids one at a time, following order of addition rules, and waiting for agitation to finalize the blend. An automated bending skid uses several PD pumps and mass flow meters to accurately meter these materials from storage into an inline mixing element such as a static mixer or Sonolator.

Continuous inline blending of disinfectant cleaning products

Higher Product Yield

Disinfectant cleaning products are mostly water with antibacterial fluids, phenols and ammonium that kill germs that linger on surfaces. With Covid-19 it is more important than ever to clean these surfaces thoroughly, which means consumers are using these products in larger quantities each day. Manufacturers need to keep pace and adding more batch mixers is the least efficient way to do this.

An automated blending system generates more finished product in a given floor space than batch mixing methods. Batch mixer tanks consume valuable floor space. Transferring water and other bulk ingredients to such a tank is a wasteful practice. Our customers have been able to make anywhere from 2 to 5 times more finished material than their original batch methods because of this multiple-feed inline mixing approach.

Metering water and other materials allows you to produce different formulations on demand. Systems can be customized to produce at different rates that outpace batch mixing some times 2 to 1 or more.

Benefits of Manufacturing Disinfectants Through Inline Blending

There are many benefits to this approach over batch mixing:

  • Less tank space required
  • More output per factory size
  • Labor involvement reduced
  • Faster production rates
  • Various formulations processed on demand
  • Less errors and less water produced overall

Learn more about our Blending Skid design and build capabilities by viewing our online Capabilities Brochure:

  • Complete 3D CAD abilities
  • Mechanical and Electrical complete system design & customization per customer input
  • Complete water FAT testing
  • Data Logging
  • Recipe Management
  • Complete VFD and PLC cabinet design OR complete integration with factory level controls

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