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Liquid Hand Soap

Liquid hand soap is a high-volume product consisting of only a few primary ingredients. Over 80% of any hand soap is water and liquid surfactants like SLS and ALS, or other alcohol and sulfate compounds. And manufacturing high volumes might require large tanks approaching 24-30 ton capacity. Such tanks are costly and consume a lot of floor space and any manufacturer should be questioning how to reduce or eliminate them.

Inline blending systems by Sonic Corp are a far more efficient means of making liquid soaps of any type. Transfer of water and surfactant at high volumes, then agitating, then transferring everything all over again to move the product out to a hold tank is a very time and energy consuming process.

Sonic Corp designs and fabricates high quality blend skids that eliminate or reduce tank size requirements in the making of liquid soaps. The water and surfactant materials are taken directly from their respective sources and metered at 0.25-0.50% accuracy into a common mixing chamber where minor ingredients are dosed in accordingly. If powders or numerous minor ingredients are used then such systems dramatically increase your product yield for given tank space used as this will constitute only 15-20% of the total product formula.

Sonic designs and builds its own VFD and PLC electrical cabinets for use on their skids. No third parties are used for fabrication of these panels. Additionally, we create our own PLC programs to have the best ratio control amongst all the metering pumps.

  • Eliminate or reduce tanks
  • Great product reproducibility
  • Better ingredient ratio control than possible with batch
  • Increase production capacity for given tank space
  • Make more consistent product faster!

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