Manufacture of Flavor Emulsions

Manufacture of Flavor Emulsions

The manufacture of flavor emulsions is critical in making various foods, sauces, soft drinks and other beverages. All of the emulsions are comprised of thickeners, gums, essential oils and stabilizers that need to be wetted out, hydrated and deagglomerated. In a typical process scenario, manufacturers batch up an oil-based premix phase and water premix phase and merge them into a common tank and agitate over a period of time until gums are hydrated and emulsifiers do their job to keep the emulsion in suspension.

This is less than ideal because:

  • It’s a time-consuming process
  • It requires in some cases several process tanks
  • It requires an expensive and large mixing tank
  • It requires the use of clunky in-tank agitators
  • It uses mechanical shear device that is difficult to emulate on lab and pilot scale

Apple and cinnamon flavors


How To Process Flavor Emulsions

Sonic offers a few solutions in the manufacture of flavor emulsions. The first is our single-feed Sonolator homogenizer that can be used in place of mechanical shear devices, whether they be simple agitator or high shear mixer units. These devices are problematic because:

  • They are difficult and unpredictable to scale up
  • The can generate heat in the product
  • Wear items are very costly

Our homogenizer is used inline and has no moving parts. It imparts shear through high pressure, cavitation and fluid acceleration. Mounted under any premix tank, it will instantly emulsify a course premix. Given that we emulsify by way of controlled fluid acceleration and cavitation, scale up is very predictable. Operate at the same pressure and the resulting fluid velocity and cavitation are uniformly the same relative to flow rate. We have 50 years experience where 1 GPM at 1000 PSI yields the exact same particle size and oil droplet size in your emulsions.

Dual-Feed Emulsion process

An added benefit is our Dual-Feed Sonolator process where the two premixes are metered directly into our mixing chamber and emulsified instantly, eliminating time-consuming transfers. Not only that, we can meter these two separate phases at differing temperatures and still create uniform droplet distribution and excellent product stability. This saves a lot of money associated with heating as it is now confined to only the oil phase tank. As a final benefit, we can propose a Tri-Feed Homogenizing system where over 25% or more of the water phase is metered on its own, maximizing product yield for your given tank space:

  • No Batch or Mixing Tank required
  • Meter Direct from water source
  • Higher yield for given tank space
  • Reduced heating time and cost

Flavor Emulsification Skids

Sonic designs and fabricates single and multiple-feed flavor emulsion making systems. All the necessary components are chosen and designed into a comprehensive system that will take a single premix or two premix phases and meter at proper ratio to create instant emulsions. The Sonolator process is highly repeatable and very scalable:

  • Complete Skidded System
  • Customized Design
  • 3D Approval Drawings
  • Sanitary & Hygienic Design
  • Fully Automated with PLC and VFD Control Cabinets on skid
  • On Demand Processing
  • Data Logging, Alarming, Ratio Flow Alarm Protection


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