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Hand Sanitizer Manufacturing

Hand Sanitizer and related hygiene products have moved to the foreground more than ever in the light of Covid-19. It is more important now than ever that manufacturers and co-producers be able to make more product faster by using Continuous Inline Blending Systems and skids designed and fabricated by Sonic Corporation.

Batch mixing in large tanks is inefficient. The process requires loads of floor space, numerous costly mixing tanks, massive amounts of mixing horsepower, and a lot of time and labor. A streamline automated inline mixing process eliminates these inefficiencies, allowing factories to:

  • produce more with less floor space
  • produce at lower cost
  • use less labor

Manufacture Hand Sanitizer Faster!

Hand Sanitizer typically consists of water, ethanol (or other alcohol), thickener agents and other minor ingredients like glycerin. The alcohol is the bacteria killing agent and the thickeners, like carbomer, are there to provide a viscous gel that allows an effective delivery to your skin. These products typically blend together inline as they are miscible fluids that stay in suspensions easily with one another.

In light of the pandemic, producers and co-producers will need to make up production, so manufacturing hand sanitizer at faster rates will be essential. Adding more batch tanks and creating more floor space are the more costly and inefficient ways to gear up for additional production. The better approach to higher yield and throughput is continuous inline blending, and Sonic Corp has been designing & fabricating automated mixing skids for many years.

Processing hand sanitizer using a blend skid that meters water, alcohol and other raw materials directly from their source and mixes everything while transferring to a final hold tank is a superior and more intelligent solution. Say goodbye to transferring materials one at a time and agitating with large HP mixers.

Advantages: Continuous Blending Skid vs Batch Mixing

There are numerous advantages to a process skid approach:

  • Produce more at a faster rate
  • Higher product yield for given tank space
  • ROI based on reduction in costly tanks and labor
  • Less horsepower requirement per gallon of output
  • Resolves capacity issues for given factory size

Learn more about our mixing skid design and build capabilities by viewing our online Capabilities Brochure:

  • 3D CAD drawing capabilities
  • System customization with customer input
  • Complete water testing and validation
  • PLC automation and controls
  • AB, Siemens and more
Inline Blend Skid

How to Manufacture Hand Sanitizer

The best way to manufacture hand sanitizer is by using a multiple-feed inline mixing skid that eliminates batch tanks and makes finished product on demand. Sonic designs and custom builds various skids to accommodate various formulations, some using 70% ethanol and others using more. Other ingredients or phases are managed using a PD pump suited to that material’s viscosity, specific gravity and other properties. A fully automated control scheme featuring PLC and VFD cabinets designed and tested by Sonic provides superior control over final product appearance and ingredient ratio!

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Sonic offers Lab Testing to guarantee the process and proper selection of mixing devices used to get the right finial product!

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