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Sauces and Dressings

Sauces and dressings use a variety of oils and flavor solutions. There’s also in many cases high volumes of water used as a carrier that does not mix well with plant-based oils. Undoubtedly, an emulsification process is going to be required to create decent products that stay in suspension adequately.

By using a high-pressure emulsification, the discontinuous oily phase can be tamed into suspension with water by breaking down that oily phase droplet size far enough.

This is done with our Sonolator unit that uses no mechanical shear that might degrade the final product through heat build up and excessive shear. Smaller droplet sizes, below 1 micron, can be achieved, unlike with mechanical shear devices that seem to drop off after 3-4 micron particle sizes.


  • Superior emulsion quality
  • Smaller achievable oil droplet sizes
  • Improved shelf life and stability
  • Improved physical appearance and consistency

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