Blending miscible fluids may not be as simple as it appears. Blending systems come in different shapes and sizes and are meant to reduce process times and save on labor involvement. Sonic Corp’s custom in-line in-line blending systems are designed to streamline a bulky process and provide process efficiencies. The batch method of blending is certainly simple enough where bulk raw materials are manually transferred to a batch tank and mixed and blended for some period of time before a transfer out to some downstream process or packing. This approach is inefficient and cumbersome involving:

  • Manual transfer of raw materials
  • Weighing of these materials either by weight gain or weight loss
  • In-Tank mixing and blending using inefficient prop mixers or rotor-stator mixers
  • Material transfer or pump out downstream

Metered Blending for Instant Production

Sonic Corp’s TechBlend line of blending systems are designed to take raw material from their bulk storage vessels, totes or drums and meter them through a Static Mixer on a continuous or on-demand basis to create finished product instantly. Our systems include:

  • PD Pumps
  • Mass Flow Meters
  • Instrumentation
  • Safety Devices
  • Automated PLC Control
  • VFD Cabinets
  • PLC / HMI Cabinets

Process Blending Skid

Blending System Design and Fabrication

We design and manufacture complex blending skids with multiple pumps and instrumentation to blend a variety of materials in all the major industries. Our 3D modeling capabilities allows us to custom design these skids to meet your various and demanding needs.  Our fabrication capabilities include:

  • High Quality Craftsmanship
  • Intricate Pipework Design and Build Capabilities
  • Orbital Welding
  • Tig and Mig Welding
  • UL508A Panel Building
  • Final Wet Testing of all systems
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