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Who Validates Your Process?

Recently we had a conversation with a client and they asked, “Did you validate the results?” My answer was, ‘No.’ However, the long answer is why would Sonic validate the results of your process for your customer? Just as you would not put a fox in charge […]

Is Your Formula Well Suited to Continuous In-Line Blending and Mixing?

This article will explore some of the various considerations when moving from batch processing to continuous in-line blending and mixing. The first issue is solids and their impact on continuous blending and mixing.

As of today, the holy grail of mixing […]

By |March 23, 2021|Homogenizer, In Line Blending Systems|

Planning Installation and Start-up of the Sonolator Homogenizer

Sonic has been operating continuously since the start of COVID. Most of our customers and therefore Sonic have essential operations. Providing mixing equipment to the chemical, personal care, food and pharmaceutical industries means we support manufacturing and we are a manufacturer. Sonic equipment is used to produce many […]

By |February 9, 2021|Homogenizer|

Continuous Blending Hand Sanitizer During a Pandemic

The ability to manufacture hand sanitizer quickly and efficiently is paramount in light of the recent pandemic and COVID-19 outbreak. Millions of people worldwide are using hand sanitizing products at record high levels and demand remains strong. […]

By |July 7, 2020|Uncategorized|

Not all high pressure homogenizers are the same. Many will emulsify, disperse and de-agglomerate with somewhat similar product results. However, the way the homogenizer accomplishes these positive results may differ significantly. Here are ten ways the Sonolator homogenizer provides more efficient results versus some of the other systems.

  1. The Sonolator Homogenizer uses a […]
By |September 19, 2019|Homogenizer, Manufacturing|

Automatic Dish Gel Production

Sonic is often asked to help analyze and justify the Sonolator Homogenizer systems we manufacture for our clients in the toiletries or home care industry. An example of this is the case of the Automatic Dish Gel application.

The Problem: Low Batch Yields

Our Automatic Dish Gel customer reported that their current […]

By |July 6, 2017|Case Studies, Homogenizer, Process Systems|
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