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Manufacturing Hand Sanitizer During COVID-19

Manufacturing Hand Sanitizer During a Pandemic

The ability to manufacture hand sanitizer quickly and efficiently is paramount in light of the recent pandemic and COVID-19 outbreak. Millions of people worldwide are using hand sanitizing products at record high levels and demand remains strong. Manufacturers of basic hand sanitizer gels and sprays will want to produce larger […]

Top 10 Reasons The Sonolator Homogenizer Can Save you Money

Not all high pressure homogenizers are the same. Many will emulsify, disperse and de-agglomerate with somewhat similar product results. However, the way the homogenizer accomplishes these positive results may differ significantly. Here are ten ways the Sonolator homogenizer provides more efficient results versus some of the other systems.

  1. The Sonolator Homogenizer uses a […]

In Line Blending and Homogenization Case Study

The Problem: Inefficient, Multi-step Process

One of our clients recently came to Sonic with a blending and homogenizing application. The client was taking inputs from totes and bulk storage and weighing them into 55-gallon drums. Once the correct ratio was achieved the material was mixed using a propeller mixer inside the 55-gallon drum. After mixing was completed the […]