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SLES Dispersal Case Study

SLES 70 is a surfactant system used widely in the personal care industry to make shampoos, conditioners, body washes, detergents, soaps and more.  SLES 70 almost always needs to be dispersed and diluted into water prior to use.  What is the best method to disperse this SLES 70 into water?  Like anything else there are […]

What Are the Difference in Positive Displacement Pumps

The world of positive displacement pumps is very large and growing. As a manufacturer of custom process skids and pumping skids, I often get questions about the various types of pumps out there. We have to be familiar with a large variety of high-pressure pump technologies in order to design a system that will emulsify or homogenize fluids. […]

How To Find a Serial Number on Sonic Corp Mixing Equipment

Identifying process systems and equipment sometimes years after installation can be a bit tricky. Often, the paperwork has long been filed away and/or misplaced. The system might have material covering labels. Typically, the team that installed and worked with the equipment when it was originally installed has long since moved on or retired.

So now you […]