What is the Main Control for Sonolator Homogenizer

One question which arises time and again when evaluating the Sonolator Homogenizer is, “What is the primary controlling factor of the Sonolator Homogenizer?” The answer is pressure, pressure, and pressure!

The most important parameter in measuring the amount of “mixing energy” or intensity of mixing within the Sonolator Homogenizer is pump-to-orifice pressure. The Sonolator Homogenizer is operated between […]

High-Pressure Homogenizer – Design In Focus

One of the most important considerations for Sonic when custom building a Sonolator high pressure homogenizer system is the chemical compatibility of elastomers within the high pressure pumps and inline homogenizer unit itself. Standard elastomers often include: Buna, Viton, EPDM and Teflon or a Teflon blend. Sonic will help define the best elastomers to use […]

Homogenizer – My History with the Sonolator

In college I never thought I’d someday get involved with homogenizers, never-mind a homogenizer called a Sonolator!  Sure, I figured valves, pumps, flow meters, etc.  This was standard fare for process engineering after all. Homogenizers are a bit trickier and less well known.  Wikipedia defines them as such:


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“A homogenizer is a piece of laboratory […]

Homogenizer in Food & Beverage

Homogenizers and Honeycomb?

I find it amazing how prevalent liquid mixing and homogenizing is in our every day lives. Homogenizers and homogenization are needed, either directly or indirectly, in the making of everything from our clothing we slip on every morning to the Honeycomb cereal we eat for breakfast. I’ll apologize now to all those modern-day, health-conscience […]