Complimentary Lab Test

Complimentary Lab Test

At Sonic, after initial discussions, lab tests are the starting point for all custom designed mixing and blending systems. Lab tests are complimentary, we only ask that the customer pay for shipping to/from Sonic located in Stratford, Connecticut. There are a number of reasons why supporting free lab […]

Planning Installation and Start-up of the Sonolator Homogenizer

Planning Installation and Start-up of the Sonolator Homogenizer

Sonic has been operating continuously since the start of COVID. Most of our customers and therefore Sonic have essential operations. Providing mixing equipment to the chemical, personal care, food and pharmaceutical industries means we support manufacturing and we are a manufacturer. Sonic equipment is used to produce many […]

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Top 10 Reasons The Sonolator Homogenizer Can Save you Money

Not all high pressure homogenizers are the same. Many will emulsify, disperse and de-agglomerate with somewhat similar product results. However, the way the homogenizer accomplishes these positive results may differ significantly. Here are ten ways the Sonolator homogenizer provides more efficient results versus some of the other systems.

  1. The Sonolator Homogenizer uses a […]

Homogenizer – My History with the Sonolator

In college I never thought I’d someday get involved with homogenizers, never-mind a homogenizer called a Sonolator!  Sure, I figured valves, pumps, flow meters, etc.  This was standard fare for process engineering after all. Homogenizers are a bit trickier and less well known.  Wikipedia defines them as such:


A homogenizer is a piece of laboratory or industrial equipment used […]

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