The Sonolator homogenizer is so effective for to disperse fumed silica into resin that it is mentioned by name in Evonik Industry’s literature for their fumed silica product Aerosil.  See an image of the Evonik website below:

The Sonolator homogenizer is an excellent tool for de-agglomerating the fumed silica in thick resin, which removes any fumed silica agglomerates. Manufacturers often start with an in-tank rotor/stator device to first wet out the fumed silica, then perform material final dispersion/de-agglomeration through the orifice and blade arrangement in the Sonolator homogenizer.

Below is an image of our latest fumed silica dispersing rig built for one of our customers in China. This system is operating at 100 gallons per minute (378 liters/min.) and up to 400 PSI (27 Bar). Sonic has installed Sonolators all over the world to disperse fumed silica into resin.

The system before the one pictured above was installed in a manufacturing facility in Turkey and operates at 60 GPM (227 liters/min) and up to 400 PSI (27 Bar). Sonic custom designs and builds all Sonolator systems, so we can build the fumed silica dispersion units to meet specific production goals (i.e.: flowrate and pressure).

Sonic is always pleased to have third party manufacturers endorse the Sonolator. Over 50 years of custom manufacturing high quality mixing systems does not go unnoticed! Call us today with your mixing and processing challenges so that we can begin to custom design a mixing solution for your operations.