Identifying process systems and equipment sometimes years after installation can be a bit tricky. Often, the paperwork has long been filed away and/or misplaced. The system might have material covering labels. Typically, the team that installed and worked with the equipment when it was originally installed has long since moved on or retired.

So now you need more information on the mixing equipment specifications, copies of manuals and perhaps spare parts. Sonic has electronic records going back about 20 years and usually we can help with all of the information you need for a particular system no matter how long you have owned the system.

Locating Serial Number

The best place to start is to locate the metal system tag which has an engraved serial number for the mixing equipment.  Below is an image of our current system tags — serial number 2164:

Typical Tag Location

These tags are often located on the electrical boxes mounted on the mixing equipment or will be on the frame of the system or housing for colloid mills and propeller mixers. The four digit serial number format has been in use for about 20 years, but some of our older systems have numbers which correspond to the date of manufacture. In any case, there is usually a tag on the frame or electrical box or housing on colloid mills and propeller mixers with the serial number. Please note individual components on the system may have their own manufacturer tags. While these component tags have value when ordering spares, the Sonic serial number allows complete system reference through the Sonic records. The Sonic serial number is the best reference when contacting Sonic for system support.

Here is an example of an older Sonic Corporation system tag:

Still Can’t Find Serial Number?

If you are unable to locate a tag, take photos of your equipment and send them in to Sonic. Often, we can help after viewing some pictures of the equipment. Contact us today for documentation, specifications and spare parts — we are always happy to help!