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Recently there has been increased interest in using the Sonolator homogenizer for wax emulsions. The Sonolator has been used successfully for years in the chemical industry for creating wax emulsions. One theory behind the increased interest may be due to higher costs for petroleum based products. Operations utilizing wax emulsions are looking for stable […]

By |July 6, 2017|Homogenizer, Process Systems|

The Problem: Inefficient, Multi-step Process

One of our clients recently came to Sonic with a blending and homogenizing application. The client was taking inputs from totes and bulk storage and weighing them into 55-gallon drums. Once the correct ratio was achieved the material was mixed using a propeller mixer inside the 55-gallon drum. After mixing was completed the […]

By |July 5, 2017|Case Studies, In Line Blending Systems|

One question we receive time and again, when customers are evaluating the Sonolator Homogenizer is, “What is its primary controlling factor”? The answer is pressure, pressure, and pressure!

The most important parameter in measuring the amount of “mixing energy” or intensity of mixing within homogenizer is pump-to-orifice pressure. The equipment is operated between 150 – […]

By |July 5, 2017|Homogenizer|

One of the most important considerations for Sonic when custom building a Sonolator high pressure homogenizer system is the chemical compatibility of elastomers within the high pressure pumps and inline homogenizer unit itself. Standard elastomers often include: Buna, Viton, EPDM and Teflon or a Teflon blend.  Sonic will help define the best compounds to use […]

In college I never thought I’d someday get involved with homogenizers, never-mind a homogenizer called a Sonolator!  Sure, I figured valves, pumps, flow meters, etc.  This was standard fare for process engineering after all. Homogenizers are a bit trickier and less well known.  Wikipedia defines them as such:


A homogenizer is a piece of laboratory or industrial equipment used […]

By |July 5, 2017|Homogenizer|

Occasionally, we receive an inquiry regarding used equipment.  The client might want to know the specifications for a system built 10-30 years ago. Sometimes, we have the records and can provide detailed specifications. Often, the unit is too old for our records and we can provide an educated guess as to the original design. Additionally, […]

By |July 5, 2017|Homogenizer|

The Problem: Inconsistent Colorant Caused by Pigment Production Methods

A manufacturer approached Sonic with an application to disperse and de-agglomerate a pigment used to color a plastic part they were manufacturing. The pigment would agglomerate and cause color bursts inside the plastic. While there was no damage to the integrity of the product, the color […]

By |July 5, 2017|Case Studies, Colloid Mills|
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