Not all high pressure homogenizers are the same. Many will emulsify, disperse and de-agglomerate with somewhat similar product results. However, the way the homogenizer accomplishes these positive results may differ significantly. Here are ten ways the Sonolator homogenizer provides more efficient results versus some of the other systems.

  1. The Sonolator Homogenizer uses a specially engineered orifice to create sharp edges of cavitation an extreme acceleration. Other standard homogenizers use what amounts to partially closed valves that require much higher pressures, as much as 2X the Sonolator to create the same emulsions/dispersions
  2. Using less pressure to produce the same results means less horsepower and therefore less energy consumed over the life of the system
  3. Custom designed systems versus off-the-shelf machines means you only pay for the amount of pressure and flow needed – not a fixed range of operation
  4. Standard off-the-shelf pumps used in a Sonic system mean competitively priced spares – not proprietary pump spares
  5. Customization of systems means components can be matched to plant/company standards for example Allen Bradley, E&H, etc.
  6. Automation is customized to plant standard and/or integrated into central control system
  7. Customized automation means upstream/downstream process integration and/or monitoring, saving time and money over the life of the system
  8. Sonolator is adaptable to multiple feed metering of different phases. This means bulk materials and water can be metered from source without transfer, reducing cycle times and extending plant capacity without requiring additional tank space
  9. Multiple feed approach can eliminate cooling costs and greatly reduce heating costs and compounding times are spread across larger runs contributing to cycle time improvements
  10. Multiple feed creates efficiencies by utilizing bulk inputs and eliminates transfer times of finished product

If the application is wax emulsions , pigment dispersion or de-agglomerations, then the best, most efficient solution is the Sonolator homogenizer. Sonic offers lab testing to prove results in advance of any investment. Please call to discuss a lab test at 203-385-0063