One of the great benefits of my work life has been travel!  Sonic has always prided itself on establishing trusted partnerships with all its customers, large and small.  These strong relationships have yielded some terrific, worldwide travels.

Currently, I’m in Dubai commissioning a multiple-feed homogenizer system used for processing shampoo and conditioner products.  I’ll be here a total of about 10 days.  As I always do, I’ll add a day or two to get out and see something and take a few photos.

I booked what’s termed a “Desert Safari” where you head out into the desert in 4×4 Land Cruisers for some “dune bashing” as it’s called.  In addition to the dune bashing, you get some time in the desert to view camels and then enjoy a dinner in a Bedouin-style camp.

Desert Safari

Dubai is a fascinating place being a series of cityscapes wedged between the Arabian Gulf and the desert.  In the northern part of Dubai is the old city where buildings are low lying and not nearly as modern as their southern counterparts.  As you head south, you encounter 2 city sections, the first being the financial district which includes the famous 160 story Burj Khalifa Tower and the expansive Dubai Mall, so vast it actually houses a ski slope.

Burj Khalifa Tower  Dubai Mall

Continuing further south on the metro, which essentially cuts through the middle of the two city sections, you hit the next city section where the famous Palm Jumeirah man-made island is situated.  The photo below is taken from the tram that brings visitors out onto this island where the Dubai Atlantis theme hotel resides.  There are numerous residences along the fronds of the palm and along the western-most edge facing the gulf is a promenade with various food trucks offering food and drinks.

Dubai Atlantis

On my last night here, I took dinner with colleagues and new friends in the marina area in the southern part of the city.


More travel updates to come from places far and wide I’ve been in the recent past and upcoming future.  Look for updates from my trips to South Africa, Iceland, South Korea, Turkey and more.

A huge thank you to our global customers who have invested in our various equipment offerings and afforded me 20 years of wonderful travel experience.

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