At Sonic Corp, our core abilities include the customization of High Pressure Homogenizer Systems, Process Systems, and In Line Blending Systems as well as Pumping Skids. Customization enables flexibility for our projects and guarantees our clients’ success. The following are always provided:

  • P&ID to verify and optimize design
  • Mechanical skid layout options to be reviewed and modified
  • 3D layout modeling for your review
  • Automation Control Cabinet – design and fabrication
  • Component selection, plant standards honored
  • Instrumentation selection and know-how

Custom emulsifying system

You can see from this skid that Sonic works with a wide array of components and instrumentation. A homogenizer skid used for making emulsions in the Cosmetics industry will use flow meters, pressure transmitters, flow switches, in-line pH meters, valves and more by manufacturers such as E&H, MicroMotion, Rosemount, SPX-Waukesha, Foxboro, Tuchenhagen, to name a few. The components and instrumentation that your are most comfortable and familiar with are the ones we will use. Because of this, and because we design a system that meets your specific needs and requirements, no two systems are alike. We don’t force you to live in our world, we live in yours!

Everything begins with design. Engineering and 3D modeling capabilities drive the design, starting with the creation of a piping and instrumentation diagram (P&ID) and resulting in beautifully rendered 3D models. All this is based on the client’s input, on your factory setting and possible restraints, and on your component specifications.

In many ways, Sonic specializes in providing custom mixing and processing solutions.  We design metering and process systems that will solve problems.  Our 55 plus years of experience in and out of manufacturing facilities around the world have granted us the ability to understand and resolve many process issues.  We have been entrusted by large multi-national companies like Unilever, P&G, Kimberly Clark, Ashland Chemical, Owens Corning and more to devise custom skids solutions in their factories.  For example, in the chemical industry there’s always a need to move toward a continuous, in-line process to save on labor costs and reduce errors.  We worked with a company that needed to heat RO water in line while metering various chemicals to a holding tank.  All the components needed to be mounted on a single skid and the process needed to be automated via PLC control.  All of this to remove a bottleneck associated with transferring and heating everything in a single tank.  Our in-line metering/blending system allowed for automated control of the process with little to no operator involvement.

Processing Skid

Customization doesn’t end with the physical skid. It extends into the world of electrical cabinets and panels and PLC automation. All systems can be issued as stand-alone units with their own VFD and PLC/HMI Cabinets and operational control schemes. We’ll work with your automation and controls people to ensure the operating program is what you need for operators and managers alike. Over the past 15 years we have programmed hundreds of PLC and HMI systems on various platforms including Allen Bradley, Siemens, Mitsubishi, and more.

Homogenizer Panel

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