Lab Testing Services

Sonic offers lab testing to assess how well suited our equipment is to your mixing application. Our facility is equipped with Sonolator ultrasonic high-pressure homogenizer systems with various PD pumps, Colloid Mill and TechBlend system. Download and complete Application Data Questionnaire and fax it back to us at 1 (203) 378-4079.  One of our sales specialists will call to schedule a test. We encourage you to visit our facility in southwest Connecticut, just north of NYC, for the trials; this is not necessary to perform test work.

Lab Services

  • Analyze properties such as viscosity, pH, solids, separation, photomicrographs for particle size estimation
  • Package and return all samples
  • Provide written test report w/ procedures and results
  • Maintain material for follow up testing

Lab Equipment

  • PD Pumps; HP, Prog Cavity, Gear
  • Colloid Mill
  • PLC automation
  • Heating
  • Cooling
  • Premixing
  • Weighing and measuring
Sonic Mixing Testing Lab

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