The Sonolator Homogenizer has been used extensively to process silicones, resins, waxes, textile fibers, lubricants, and much more. Innovative Sonolator System designs have afforded many companies the opportunity to feed multiple streams of raw materials into our mixing device and create instant emulsions with small particle sizes and tight distributions. Many powders such as fumed silicas, zinc oxides, etc. have been dispersed with amazing results in both our Colloid Mills and Sonolator Systems.

Common Chemical Applications Include:

  • Aggregates and Binders dispersions
  • Asphalt slurries and emulsions
  • Bitumen slurries
  • Cements & Clay dispersions
  • Inks and Paints
  • Rubber compounds
  • Sodium & Talc dispersions
  • Cleaning agents and blends
  • Fragrance additions
  • Mold release agents
  • Textile oil and lubricants
  • Silicone Emulsions
  • Wax Emulsions
custom design blending system

Metered In-line Blending

In the chemical industry it’s common when working with miscible fluids to want to move away from labor-intensive processes where various raw materials are manually added to a blend tank and batch mixed for some period of time before pumping downstream.  With Sonic’s customized TechBlend in-line blending systems, we take raw materials from bulk containers (storage silos, tanks, totes or drums) and meter them into a mixing chamber or static mixer while simultaneously pumping the mixed solution to a hold or storage tank.

Sonic specializes in the design and fabrication of continuous in-line blending and metering systems that accurately feed these raw materials at proper ratios to deliver on-target mixtures on demand. Sonic system designs includes PD pumps, inverters and mass flow meters to provide accurate metering of the raw material streams.  The process is managed for you by automated PLC control to provide the greatest level of accuracy and repeatability.  This process has many benefits for the chemical industry:

  • Reduces labor involvement
  • Reduces errors from weighing and transferring
  • Eliminates maxing tank and agitator
  • Streamlines the process to save time
  • Consistent and repeatable results