Inside the Colloid Mill
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Sonic Corp’s RotoMill colloid mills and grinding mills are designed to provide superior shearing and grinding. Using a patented and proven multi-angular system, our rotors and stators  operate with 3 shear points that subject material to a higher degree of grinding than conventional mills. Undispersed material is forced into a cavity formed by a spinning rotor and fixed stator. Centrifugal force propels the material to the outside of the rotor, causing intense hydraulic shear that breaks agglomerates and homogenizes the solids and liquids.

Sonic has modernized Colloid Mill technology!

Milling technology dates back to the early 1900’s without many groundbreaking improvements over the years. Here at Sonic Corporation, we have modernized an age old technology by combining the mill seal chamber with a movable housing that allows the rotor gap to be adjusted without hampering the seal face connections.

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Modern Features in Colloid Mills and Grinding Mills

  • Improved Housing with triple bearings for improved life and stability
  • Removable Bearing Chamber allowing easier access and maintenance
  • Removable Seal Chamber allowing easy seal change and easy swap over to double Flush Seal
  • Double Flush Seal assembly for sanitary applications
  • Insertable Stator easier to use and creates larger cooling area to prevent heat expansion
  • VFD cabinets, PLC/HMI cabinet design and fab
  • Full PLC automation programming and HMI if needed
  • Available with Feed Pumps as needed
  • Pressures up to 200 PSI
  • Flows from 0.25 to 100+ GPH

Colloid Mill Production scale

Benchtop Scale!

Complete Turnkey Bench scale Colloid Mill Systems.  Complete with bench-scale 2.5 inch Sonic Roto-Mill, Feed Pump, Instrumentation, PLC/HMI control automation, built into custom designed mobile cart.

Guarantee success.  Use Sonic Roto-Mill Systems!

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