Our bench, pilot and production scale emulsion systems have been used to process lotions, creams, shampoos, conditioners, body washes, deodorants, and much more. Our innovative homogenization system designs allow companies the opportunity to feed multiple phases of material and water into our mixing device to create instant emulsions with small particle sizes, improved shelf life and enhanced stability and appearance. Removing water from a process tank and metering it separately saves big on production time, compounding and heating/cooling!

Common Cosmetic Applications Include:

  • Mascara
  • Sunblock pigment dispersions
  • TiO2 dispersions
  • Zinc Oxide dispersions
  • Body Lotions & Wash
  • Shampoos & Conditioners
  • Facial Creams & Cleansers
  • Hand Lotions
  • SLES Dispersions and Dilution

woman shampooing hair

Metered In-line Blending

Sonic has made terrific strides in the home and personal care industry designing and fabricating multiple-feed in-line blending systems and continuous homogenizer systems that save companies money by way of:

  • Increased capacity
  • Reduced labor costs
  • Reduced process cycle times
  • Massive reduction on heating and cooling time and cost

Much of the lengthy processing times associated with batch mixing versus in-line continuous homogenizing/blending has to do with heating and cooling.  An emulsion made in a tank requires that all raw materials and water be transferred to a vessel and heated to the same temperature.  Our in-line Sonolator system will make a very fine emulsion by metering a hot oil phase with ambient water (no tank required) and aqueous phase.  The resulting emulsion requires no cooling!  Sonic’s custom-designed in-line homogenizer systems have improved the efficiency of automatic dish gel production by reducing batch times and increase yields.

Multiple Pump In-Line Blending

Dual-feed Sonolator Homogenizer systems have been used to disperse and dilute surfactants into water, eliminating the need for pre-dispersed SLES and water solutions. This blending method eliminates the need for pre-mixed solutions, reduces storage space requirements and saves overall production costs.

Custom In-Line Homogenizing Systems

Sonic specializes in the custom design of homogenizer systems and general process systems.  These systems are of sanitary and hygienic design to address CIP and drain-ability issues commonly required in this industry.  Such systems as seen to the left here have been deployed globally in the manufacturing of personal care liquids and have met with the high standards of multi-national Fortune 500 companies such as Unilever, P&G, US Nonwovens, Playtex, Colgate, Gillette and more.