Deagglomerating | Deagglomeration

The addition of powders into liquid solutions commonly creates particle clusters that fuse together. These particle clusters, or agglomerates, prevent the solids phase from staying in suspension within the liquid phase and settling occurs. Most manufacturers obviously don’t like or want these larger particles and need to get the solid phase back to an original particle size. To name a few reasons:

  • Reduce or eliminate settling
  • Improve slurry performance
  • Improve surface area coverage
  • Enhanced appearance
Cutaway diagram of sheared liquid inside a Sonolator homogenizer

Extreme Acceleration and Cavitation

The Sonolator homogenizer provides an excellent method for blasting those clustered particulates apart and getting solids back to their original size. This is done without the use of mechanical shear, which can be cumbersome and costly. Instead, the Sonolator uses a PD pump which forces the slurry through an Orifice and over a Blade subjecting the entrained particle clusters to extreme acceleration and cavitation, effectively tearing them apart.

Colloid mills are also used for deagglomerating liquid slurries to improve suspension quality and provide for improved use of the solids phase. Sonic’s Roto-Mill colloid mill subjects material to 3 stages of mechanical shear grinding and milling. In some cases, mechanical shear devices like this are a more economical approach.

We have Homogenizer and Colloid Mill systems in use to deagglomerate:

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