Electrical Control Panels

Electrical Control Panels

Custom Industrial Control Panels

Custom electrical control panels and cabinets are important to our business. Because we specialize in the manufacture of liquid process skids, homogenizer systems, blending systems and pumping skids, it is important that we be able to design and build our own electrical panels and cabinets. With our highly qualified UL508A panel building capabilities we can design and wire complete cabinets for our own systems or for your own specialized use.

UL508A Electrical panel Building

We design and custom build cabinets and enclosures:

  • Junction Boxes
  • XP Junction Boxes
  • Signal Boxes
  • Annunciator Panels
  • Complete VFD Power Cabinets
  • Complete PLC and HMI Cabinets
  • Motor Disconnect Boxes
  • Pushbutton Control Boxes
  • Air Distribution Boxes

panel building on process system

Backed by a Trustworthy Partner

VFD and PLC Cabinets are an essential part of almost every manufacturing factory around the world, whether they’re used to drive pumps, conveyors, filling lines, etc.  These panels include VFD Inverters, PLCs and HMIs as well as power supplies, power converters, fuses, circuit breakers, ethernet switches, etc. Our staff has an intimate understanding of these parts and components and how they are integrated into an overall design.  Our extensive panel building experience with such components allows us to install and setup these devices to work with your various uses. We have worked with the following manufacturers:

  • Allen Bradley
  • Siemens
  • Mitsubishi
  • ABB
  • Eaton
  • C3 Controls, and more

Meet Bill!

Bill Brakeman is an RPI Electrical Engineering graduate who previously owner Sonic Corp.  He is now project leader for all UL508A electrical panel building and cabinet design.  Electrical diagrams are professionally rendered using AutoCAD to illustrate the complete design of all our panels, cabinets, junction boxes, etc.   

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