Emulsifying Machines

Emulsifying Machines

Emulsifying Equipment Reduces Droplet Sizes

Emulsifying machines come in a variety of forms, such as rotor-stator high shear mixers, in-tank high speed agitators or high-pressure systems. Emulsions are complex liquid structures that are prone to separation. Each type of equipment is designed to mix and shear fluids to reduce the droplet size of a discontinuous phase to prevent separation. The essence of emulsifying fluids is to force an oil phase, or some non water-soluble fluid, to stay in suspension by getting the droplets small enough to not separate out. In many cases, surfactants are needed to help the resulting mixture hold over long periods of time, but certainly emulsifying equipment is essential to the process.

Our emulsifying machines use a unique inline device, known as the Sonolator, to dramatically reduce droplet sizes to below 1 micron with no moving parts. Not having rotating shear components provides for greater repeatability and scale up. This device is known to create exceptional emulsions in the chemical and personal care industries where long shelf life and appearance can be paramount to a manufacturers’ success.

Emulsifying Machine

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