When it comes to emulsifying fluids, high-pressure homogenizers are superior to your average off-the-shelf rotor-stator mixers. The Sonic Sonolator is a very efficient piece of mixing equipment that uses fluid acceleration and ultrasonic cavitation to emulsify liquids into stable products, with a beautiful appearance and a healthy shelf life. The droplets of a discontinuous phase are stretched and broken into smaller droplets, thanks to the extreme acceleration of the fluid through the Sonolator orifice. This orifice generates back pressure in the area of 100-5,000 psi. Ultrasonic cavitation plays its part by setting up oscillations within the fluid that further disrupt and break apart droplets.

All this is achieved with no moving parts and direct scalability.

High Pressure Homogenizer Sonolator
Multiple feed homogenization system

Additionally, the Sonolator is the only high-pressure homogenizer that is adaptable to multiple-feed continuous and semi-continuous processing. Sonic Corp is the only company that provides high-pressure emulsification equipment which meters various phases into a single mixing apparatus to generate instantaneous emulsions, even with phases at differing temperatures.

The process of Multiple-Feed Sonolation has numerous benefits including:

  • Reduction or Elimination of Cooling
  • Reduction in Heating Time and Cost
  • Reduction in Cleaning Waste and Effluent
  • Overall Reduction in Processing Times

Because Sonic Corp specializes in the customization of homogenizer systems as well as blending systems and process systems, we are well positioned to devise solutions to complex mixing problems. Customization comes from a long history of knowledge about process systems and its components and design requirements.

To learn more about how customized high-pressure emulsification systems can benefit you, see our Sonolator movie!

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