emulsion formed by sonolator homogenizing systems An Emulsion is a mixture of 2 or more immiscible fluids where one liquid exists as droplets of microscopic or ultramicroscopic size distributed throughout the other liquid.  Emulsions are formed from the liquid components either spontaneously or, more often, by mechanical means such as agitation, fluid acceleration, cavitation, vibration, shaking or excessive direction change. Emulsions suffer many instabilities and will eventually separate into individual liquid layers. Sonic’s purpose is to develop emulsifying equipment that will form emulsions that don’t separate readily and possess enhanced shelf life, sub-micron particle sizes and uniform particle size distributions.

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Our Sonolator Homogenizer and other emulsifying equipment has been used in all the major industries to form superior emulsions on a continuous basis. We use the power of fluid acceleration, cavitation and high pressure to dramatically reduce phase droplet sizes and create extremely stable emulsions.  The Sonolator houses a specially engineered Orifice that subjects material to high pressure and cavitation.  A PD pump, instrumentation, controls and PLC are used to make a complete homogenizing system.  Because the Sonolator works in-line on a continuous basis, it lends itself well to Multiple-Feed Homogenization.  This is where a system containing 2 or more PD pumps and a Sonolator meters various phases, phase 1 being water and phase 2 being silicone oil for example, and emulsifies them instantly at point of contact at the Sonolator Orifice.  This allows for oils to be drawn from bulk, water to be drawn from source without being placed in a process tank and saves on overall time and expense!

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Our Colloid Mills have been used in all the major industries to form superior emulsions on a continuous basis. We use the power of mechanical shear to dramatically reduce phase droplet sizes and create very stable emulsions. The RotoMill, seen here, houses a specially engineered Rotor that turns at high speed within a stationary Stator; process fluids are subjected to intense hydraulic shear as they pass through the gap. Colloid Mills have been an industry standard for many applications such as mayonnaise emulsions. Our Colloid Mill is leading the industry in design innovations and is definitely the best in its class. With improved bearing and seal life via a specially designed removable chamber, the stability and reliability of this mill are unmatched!

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Our TechBlend systems have been used in all the major industries to form superior emulsions, blends and dilutions on a continuous basis. Our TechBlend systems have been used to meter multiple liquid ingredients or phases into a static mixer head and blend the material in-line on its way to a fill tank or filling line. A complete system consists of PD pumps, mass flow meters, valves, PLC controls, VFD enclosures and all necessary wiring and programming. Each unit is delivered ready to connect to source tanks and electrical right out of the crate. Sonic can program components up and down stream of the system including tank level sensors, load cells, temperature, etc.