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Please link to any of the following applications.  Also, please click on an application that might be close.  For example, if you are dispersing or deagglomerating solids in a liquid medium, then refer to the Titanium or Pesticide links below as they describe a process using the Sonolator that is universally applicable to most solids suspensions.

Sonic Corp’s High Pressure Homogenizer: The Sonolator

We are quite proud of the Sonolator’s unique name and the special reputation it has garnered us over the years. We get feedback from small and large companies ranging from do-it-yourself style start-ups to Fortune 500 companies like Dow Corning and DuPont telling us they’re impressed with how many different emulsions and dispersions this device can produce.  And the Sonolator tends to do so at lower pressure while consuming less energy than conventional mixing !  Even more eye opening for our customers is the idea of metering ingredients of differing temperatures and emulsifying them inline on the way to storage with little to no cooling.  You see, our systems are custom designed and built and can include several high-pressure pumps that accurately meter various bulk materials.

high-pressure homogenizer mixing chamber

high-pressure homogenizer unit

The Homgenization Process

This unique-looking device you see here is our Model XS-1500 Sonolator :

  • Up to 5,000 PSI Operating Pressures
  • Integrated with PD Pump for 1-100 GPM Systems
  • Create Emulsions and Dispersions with sub-micron particle size

Homogenization is the process by which disparate fluids or fluid/solids premixes are forced to live together in a uniform manner where the discontinuous liquid or solid phase is reduced and spread out as evenly as possible within the primary liquid phase. To make these phases stay in suspension for long periods of time, particle size reduction and dispersion is necessary and the use of high pressure and fluid acceleration do this with extreme efficiency. In the list of application above, we illustrate how solids particles like titanium can be evenly distributed throughout a liquid phase by the forces at work within the Sonolator. We show how silicone oils that are typically hydrophobic can be settled into water by forcing the two streams through a specially engineered Orifice.

Learn more about the Homogenization process here.