High Pressure Homogenizers

High Pressure Homogenizers
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Sonic Corporation’s Sonolator high pressure homogenizers use no moving parts to create fine emulsions and dispersions with droplet sizes below 1 micron.  A high-pressure positive displacement pump connected to the Sonolator forces liquid through a specially engineered orifice at local pressures up to 6,500 PSI. The fluid changes velocity dramatically over a very short distance and accelerates to over 300 ft/sec., creating high shear and turbulence within the process material. Immediately thereafter, the solution impacts on a blade set in its path. Extreme hydrodynamic cavitation occurs as the solution flows over the blade, where aggressive and turbulent counter currents are formed.

  • High pressure stresses the fluid
  • Fluid is sheared along sharp edges of the Orifice
  • Velocity change creates violent eddies spinning in the opposite direction of the flow
  • Cavitation creates a turbulent counter current of vortices
  • Droplets and particles are reduced to below 1 micron in diameter
Cutaway diagram of sheared liquid inside a Sonolator homogenizer

Scalable Homogenizing System

The Sonolator achieves large-scale productions runs using PD pumps and electric motors, as opposed to compressed air. Compressed-air homogenizers are limited in flow rates they can achieve. Pressure is adjusted via a spring-loaded relief valves, that allows unprocessed fluid to pass through mixing. Higher pressure production is required compressed-air systems compared to the Sonolator. Proprietary mixing valves and compressed air systems also have very costly replacement parts and maintenance.

Equipment Features and Benefits

  • Scalable flow rates for varying production volumes
  • No compressed air operation
  • Low power consumption
  • Readily available, low-cost spares
  • Similar results at lower operating pressures
  • Results from 0.5 GPM to 100 GPM
  • Simple and inexpensive maintenance and repair

A Sonolator high pressure emulsification system and homogenizing skid consists of a PD pump, motor, instrumentation, safety valves, VFD inverter cabinets with operator controls, and in many instances, PLC automation.

A Sonolator emulsification skid

Multiple-Feed Inline Production

As a multiple-feed system, the Sonolator is unique to the world of mixing. The system’s mass flow meters distribute ratioed water and liquid bulk materials into a high-pressure mixing chamber to instantly create fine emulsions and dispersion. The photo below shows three PD pumps with mass flow meters, instrumentation and PLC automation. By metering water from its source, these mixers reduce tank space typically required with batch mixing and can produce over 20 tons of shampoo and body wash from a five ton tank, thanks to the two onboard pumps metering water and SLES directly from their storage vessels.

In lotions production, the process unit can meter a hot oil phase with an ambient water phase and make a superb emulsion with a lower final temperature, which reduces a 8-10 hours process to under 2 hours. We have designed several SLES Dilution systems that meter and disperse SLES and water without any mixing tanks while transferring directly to a downstream process.

Production Benefits

  • Produces fine inline emulsions
  • Bulk material metering from storage containers
  • Eliminates need for bulk water transfers to a batch tank
  • Eliminates huge and costly batch tanks
  • Meters hot and ambient phases to reduce cooling
  • Produces more with less tank space
Multiple feed homogenization system

Custom Design & Fabrication

Sonic Corporation specializes in complete system customization, offering in-house 3D design capabilities, panel building and electrical cabinet fabrication. We also write PLC and HMI hardware code. Unlike off-the-shelf systems, our homogenizer units can use a variety of PD pumps to meet flow and pressure requirements and are skid mounted, with no enclosures, which allows easy maintenance and access.

System Design Features

  • Easily accessible and maintainable pumps and instrumentation
  • Complete system customization designed to meet customer needs
  • Motor horsepower chosen based on flow and pressure
  • Custom pump selection
  • In-house PLC and HMI programming
  • Control and power cabinet design & fabrication
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