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Sonic Corp’s homogenizer is known in the industry as the Sonolator. The Sonolator is an ultrasonic homogenizer that will emulsify liquid solutions as well as disperse and deagglomerate liquid slurries. Mixing is achieved through:

  • Fluid Acceleration
  • Extreme Ultrasonic Cavitation
  • Turbulent Flow

Our high pressure homogenizer contains an Orifice that accelerates fluids in excess of 300 ft/sec at back pressures to 5,000 psi. An ultrasonic cavitational field forms around a knife-like Blade set within the fluid path. This controlled turbulent flow creates very fine emulsions and suspensions with sub-micron droplet or solid particle sizes.


Benefits of Sonolator Homogenizer

  • No moving parts; the Sonolator Homogenizer is not dependent upon centrifugal force or mechanical shear
  • Controlled turbulent flow and cavitation achieved by manipulating pressure and acceleration through orifice
  • Pressure creates same emulsions regardless of flow thanks to scalability of the acceleration and ultrasonic cavitation through controlled turbulent flow
  • The Sonolator ultrasonic homogenizer offers scalability and repeatability
  • Emulsions made at lower energy consumption than other homogenizer mixers that rely on mechanical shear and rotational velocity
  • Mechanical shear effected by viscosity and volume whereas Sonolator is not
  • The Sonolator homogenizer mixer uses any of a wide range of PD pumps
  • Multiple-feed continuous capability…

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Custom Homogenizer Systems

By itself, the Sonolator Homogenizer is actually quite small with no moving parts, but coupled to a PD Pump it makes a powerful homogenizer mixer system. Sonic Corp has vast technical experience working with process PD pumps, process instrumentation, engineered components, motors, PLC, VFDs and process automation. This allows us the ability to design and fabricate intricate mixer homogenizing systems that improve your factory output while reducing energy and waste. We’ve coupled this expertise with outstanding 3D design and engineering via AutoCAD to provide a trustworthy and reliable design for your mixing and processing applications! Sonic Corp shines in the fabrication of customized homogenizing skids because we pay attention to every manufacturing detail to make a beautiful system that functions superbly.

Basic Homogenizer System

  • Sonolator high pressure homogenizer
  • PD Pump (various styles available)
  • Motor, gearbox
  • Inverter drive
  • Full PLC automation
  • Pressures up to 5,000 PSI
  • Flows from 0.25 to 100+ GPM

multiple-feed in-line high-pressure homogenization system

continuous homogenizer system

Multiple – Feed Homogenizer Systems 

One of the largest benefits to our Sonolator Homogenizer systems is the use of what we term Multiple-feed In-line High-pressure Homogenization. Sonic is the only company to date that designs and fabricates custom systems that meter various inlet feeds at proper ratio and at high pressure on a continuous and semi-continuous basis to homogenize various ingredient feeds into a finished emulsion instantly.

 Benefits of a Multiple-Feed Homogenizer

  • Remove water from tank, meter alone – no transfer time, no heating/cooling in a tank
  • Greater product yield with same tanks, saves space
  • Reduced compounding time as phases are easier and faster to produce than an entire batch
  • Hot phases made separately and metered into ambient phase with Injector Probe, heating 20% of total volume more efficient than heating entire batch in tank
  • No cooling time as primary phase metered at ambient with low % hot, resulting in cooler product – huge savings
  • Less heating cost per total yield
  • All this leads to reduced cycle times
  • Less waste of finished product and CIP water

   Watch Our Sonolator Homogenizer Video!

Sonolator Homogenizer

Video Transcript

If you’re looking to improve the quality of your emulsions and dispersions while cutting costs and increasing productivity – watch this important three minute-message from Sonic Corporation.Studies show that the two most pressing issues facing manufacturers today are improving quality and increasing production efficiencies.

Do you need increased emulsion stability, a more uniform dispersion for improved shelf life, or ways to maintain particle size over long runs?  Maybe you want to dramatically cut production cycles, reduce your labor and maintenance costs and lower energy consumption?

Sonic Corporation offers a highly effective solution to meet these challenges: The Sonolator™.

Leading the industry through innovation, Sonic Corporation’s Sonolator systems employ high pressure, fluid acceleration and ultrasonic cavitation to instantly create high quality emulsions and dispersions in a single pass.

Capable of semi-continuous and continuous inline processing, the Sonolator™ has no moving parts, is simple, easy-to-clean & easy-to-use…. And, offers seamless scalability and repeatability. Here’s how it works:

A stream of process liquid is forced through our specially engineered Orifice, here.  A liquid jet stream is accelerated to greater than 300 feet per second, creating intense ultrasonic cavitation as vortices of material are shed perpendicular to the flow pattern as the accelerated material then strikes the Blade, here, where cavitation and shedding occur .

The pressure, extreme fluid acceleration and high degree of cavatation within the Sonolator’s mixing chamber de-agglomerates particles and efficiently emulsifies liquids, resulting in smooth, stable emulsions and very uniform dispersions.

The Sonolator is the mixing device used in a comprehensive system containing pumps, instrumentation and PLC controls.  The system can be used to processes your premix material in a single pass or can be configured in a Multiple-Feed design where several phases are metered from different sources.

The benefits of the multi-feed system are remarkable.  You can draw from bulk storage or from direct water source to preserve valuable tank space.  You can meter hot phases with cooler ones and save time and money by heating a smaller phase instead of the entire batch.  Because you’ve metered a cooler phase with a hot one, emulsion temps are lower, minimizing cooling time and expense.  And, since it homogenizes in-line as you pump to storage tanks, (coupled with the reduction in heating and cooling), cycle times are dramatically reduced.

The Sonolator is ideal for a variety of dispersions and emulsions In fact, Leading manufacturers in these industries have already implemented the Sonolator in hundreds of applications.

Several emulsion manufacturers use multi-feed systems, which allow them to remove water from their tank – resulting  in an increased output from approximately 3,000 gallons to 10,000 gallons…with no additional tanks.  Cycle times are typically reduced from two to three hours – using the batch method – to just minutes. The Sonolator pumps the material directly to its final destination, eliminating transfer times required by traditional approaches.

For these emulsion manufacturers, the efficiencies created by the Sonolator provide significant savings and increased productivity while improving product quality…giving them the edge they need to stay ahead of the competition.