Lab Testing Services

Lab Testing

Sonic offers complimentary lab testing to assess how well suited our equipment is to your mixing application. Our facility is equipped with Sonolator ultrasonic high-pressure homogenizer systems with various PD pumps, Colloid Mill and TechBlend system. Download and complete Application Data Questionnaire and fax it back to us at 1 (203) 378-4079.  One of our sales specialists will call to schedule a test. The customer is responsible for shipping and handling of raw and finished materials, we’ll take care of the rest. We encourage you to visit our facility in southwest Connecticut, just north of NYC, for the trials; this is not necessary to perform test work.

Lab Services

  • Analyze properties such as viscosity, pH, solids, separation, photomicrographs for particle size estimation
  • Package and return all samples
  • Provide written test report w/ procedures and results
  • Maintain material for follow up testing

Lab Equipment

  • PD Pumps; HP, Prog Cavity, Gear
  • Colloid Mill
  • PLC automation
  • Heating
  • Cooling
  • Premixing
  • Weighing and measuring
Sonic Mixing Testing Lab

On the right, you can view a brief Lab Test Video illustrating a Multiple-feed Sonolator system in our test lab instantly emulsifying oil and water streams at 500 psi. Here, a hot oil phase and ambient water phase are metered separately into the Sonolator’s orifice mixing chamber, a cooler emulsion is formed instantly with particle size reduction in the 0.5 to 2 micron range.

Sonic Corp is the only company that offers multiple-feed homogenization of fluids of different viscosities and temperatures. Our custom designed process systems operate at flows to 100 gpm and pressures to 5000 psi.  High pressure above what can be created using in line static mixers is often needed to form tough emulsions with stable shelf life qualities.

The Sonolator offers this, along with the ability to meter several streams at once while emulsifying at high pressure to get sub-micron droplet sizes.

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