Liquid Process Equipment

Custom liquid process equipment designed
and built to meet your needs

Thanks to our extensive 65-year history working in and around factories throughout North America, Europe, and Asia, we have the expertise to help conceptualization solutions and design process equipment accordingly.

Solutions Built On Collaboration and Expertise

Sonic designs and fabricates liquid process equipment for material transfer, metering, chemical injection and more. We work with each potential customer to devise P&ID drawings and process flow diagrams to really solve your process issues and streamline factory operations.

Process Skids

Overview of Liquid Process Equipment Designs

We work with anything liquid! We can design and build any liquid process system required by most factories internationally. We have every capability needed here to do this including 3D design, PLC automation code programming and HMI screen building and software, skid building expertise, orbital and tig welding equipment, water testing, extensive experience working with PD pumps, flow meters, instrumentation and more. Come to us with a problem where you want to make your factory process more efficient. We can help design and build the solution!


Each type of liquid processing equipment is custom engineered and designed to improve your factory operations. Process skids are designed for various liquid processes such as inline ratio control metering, minor ingredient injection, chemical injection and more. Each system is fully automated with PLC controls that guarantee product quality and ease of operation. Inline instrumentation, such as flow meters, pressure sensors, temperature transmitters and more are used to provide accurate feedback and control.

Fully automated liquid process equipment solves
factory problems and saves time and money.

Types of Liquid Process Equipment

Custom process skids in various designs to meet a range of needs.

  • Metering Systems
  • Minor Ingredient Skids
  • Chemical Injection Systems
  • Fragrance Metering Skids
  • Biocide Injection Skids
  • Late Product Variation Systems

Sonic’s team of engineers will work with you to create a process flow diagram and P&ID to fully develop your liquid process solution. Our fabrication and controls team then builds a skid consisting of pumps, flow meters, valves and instrumentation along with PLC automation and controls. The system can be stand-alone or be integrated with larger factory control DCS control scheme.

Processing Skid


  • Complete system customization
  • Full automation PLC/HMI
  • First class instrumentation
  • Excellent metering control
  • Outstanding ratio control


  • Reduces process tanks
  • Streamlines factory processes
  • Reduces transfer of bulk material
  • Improves production reliability
  • Reduces errors and waste
  • Provides greater control

A 4-Feed Resin Metering System

Liquid Process Equipment Skid

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