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Colloid Mills have been used for ages for grinding solid particles within liquid slurries. Our high shear mixing subjects fluid to 3 stages of mechanical and hydraulic shear.  We offer Smooth stainless Rotors or Serrated versions to meet various, demanding needs in the world of solids-loaded slurries. Whether you’re grinding mustard seeds or processing Humus paste, our Colloid Mill offers superior performance and reliability.

  • Mechanical Seal chamber that moves with Shaft
  • 3 Bearing sets for improved mechanical stability
  • Removable Seal Holder allows quick change between single and double Flushed seal assemblies

rotomill diagram

Milling Process Reduces Particle Sizes

Colloid Mills are used to grind material by way of rotational shear.  Process material passes through a tight gap between a rotor and stator and the process medium grinds upon itself and solids particles are reduced significantly.  Zinc and titanium dioxides, talc, salts, talcum, calcium carbonate and other solids are effectively ground down to manageable sizes.

With solids milling, it’s important to isolate the mechanical seal from the process slurry.  Sonic offers a Seal Flushing system that provides improved performance and simplicity above the age-old pressure pot units that resemble something off a world war sub.  Instead of using a completely pressurized vessel with a hundred bolts holding it together, we offer a simple vessel that is not pressurized and a PD pump that pressurizes the seal chamber by pumping through a adjustable valve that generates pressure.  This way, only the seal chamber sees the pressure instead of the entire piped system and vessel.  The vessel is jacketed to provide cooling and contains instrumentation such as level sensor and temperature sensor to monitor flushing fluid.  These are clean, sanitary assemblies using stainless tubing and sanitary connections.

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