Sonic Corp’s custom process systems and other sanitary and hygienic mixing equipment have been used in the pharmaceutical industry to process ointments, creams, vaccines, drugs, tablet coatings and more. Both our Colloid Mill and In-Line Blending Systems have been designed to meet the often stringent demands of the drug & pharmaceutical industry; this means being able to provide a mixing system for sanitary and hygienic environments. Additionally, Sonic is known for its expertise and knowledge about numerous types of valves, meters, pumps, sensors and other components commonly used throughout the pharmaceutical industry.

Common Pharmaceutical Applications Include:

  • Medicines
  • Pill and Tablet Dispersions
  • High Viscosity Creams
  • Anti-Itch Ointments and Creams
  • Burn Creams
  • Ointments and Lotions
  • Syrups
  • Tablet Coatings

High pressure homogenizer in pharmaceutical industry

In the pharma industry there’s always a need to emulsify ointments, lotions, creams or other viscous materials. Our Sonolator Homogenizer systems help with this and bring a host of benefits listed below.  Most important of which is the ability to provide multiple-feed homogenization of fluids from bulk storage in a single pass even at varying temperatures.  You can meter a hot oil phase with ambient water to make a lotion or ointment emulsion that significantly reduces cooling and improves process cycle times. Sonic has the ability to design its Sonolator into comprehensive multiple-feed sanitary processing systems operating at flow rates from 20-100 gpm at pressures to 500 psi.

Common Benefits of Sonolator Homogenizer Include:

  • Multiple-Feed Homogenizing
  • Metering In Line from Bulk
  • Metering Phases at Different Temps to Reduce Cooling
  • Consistent particle size distribution
  • Repeatable results as no mechanical shear used
  • Scalable results because no moving parts to homogenize