Pharmaceutical Industry

The TechBlend Blending System have been used to process ointments, creams, vaccines, drugs, tablet coatings and more. Both our Colloid Mill and In-Line Blending Systems have been designed to meet the often stringent demands of the drug & pharmaceutical industry; this means being able to provide a mixing system for sanitary and hygienic environments. Additionally, Sonic is known for its expertise and knowledge about numerous types of valves, meters, pumps, sensors commonly used throughout the pharmaceutical industry.

Common Pharmaceutical Applications Include:

  • Medicines
  • Pill and Tablet Dispersions
  • High Viscosity Creams
  • Anti-Itch Ointments and Creams
  • Burn Creams
  • Ointments and Lotions
  • Syrups
  • Tablet Coatings

High pressure homogenizer in pharmaceutical industry