Propeller Mixer

Sonic’s superior performance Typhoon Propeller Mixer and Agitators are used for mixing and agitating liquids as well as dissolving and suspending solids within liquids. Our Agitators provide longer life and greater stability and are a big step above your average catalog propeller mixer. Our hollow shaft design and extra-wide bearing assembly provide the stability and durability needed for a long life. Most prop agitators have shafts that are mounted to a motor by way of an inferior coupling held by set screws, subjecting the motor and drive assembly to vibrations caused by mixing. Our design prevents this!

Small to Mid Size Propeller Mixers!

Sonic Corp offers Mixers that handle up to 3000 gallons of fluid capacity.  We also specialize in smaller Typhoon series Prop Mixers with less than 5 HP motors to handle 500 gallon tanks down to drums and totes. Portable Mixers installed on mobile hand trucks with adjustable table are also a specialty for Sonic.

typhoon mixer

Backed by a Trustworthy Partner

Sonic Corp delivers upfront sales support that cannot be provided by catalog mixer companies. We offer hands on technical discussions with you personally to ensure you get the best propeller mixer that meets all your needs. We are a Trusted Partner  in all that we do. We will answer the phone when you call both before and after the sale. 

Meet Petra!

She’ll work with you and our technical staff to make sure you get the right agitator. We stock standard replacement parts and we provide fast delivery on standard sized mixers. If you need some level of customization, such as mounting the mixer to a portable cart, etc. we can help.