Propeller Mixers

Mix and agitate fluids. Dissolve and suspend solids within liquids.

Typhoon Mixer

Unrivaled Design, Superior Performance

Sonic’s Propeller Mixers offer superior performance thanks to our hollow shaft design and extra-wide bearing assembly that provide the stability and durability needed for a long life. Most prop mixers have shafts that are mounted to a motor by way of an inferior coupling held by set screws, subjecting the motor and drive assembly to vibrations. Our design prevents this!

Typhoon Propeller Mixers

Overview of Prop Mixers

  • Propeller Mixers that handle up to 3000 gallons of fluid capacity
  • Smaller Typhoon series Propeller Mixers with less than 5 HP motors to handle 500 gallon tanks down to drums and totes.
  • Portable Mixers installed on mobile hand trucks with adjustable tables are also a specialty for Sonic.

Most importantly, we offer personal customer support. You call and you’ll talk to a human for both sales and service.


We wanted our portable agitators in the 1/4 to 5 HP range to be as robust as possible. So we designed our Typhoon propeller mixers with a double row bearing and a patented hollow shaft that provides extreme stability. A lot of cheap catalog mixers simply use a coupling to connect the motor shaft to the prop shaft of the mixer. Sonic press fits a hollow shaft into a sealed-for-life bearing, then the upper 4-6 inches of the prop shaft inserts into the hollow shaft and sets with a locking collar. This provides for a smooth and stable rotation of shaft and reduces wear on the motor.

Sonic’s Propeller Mixers provide longer life and greater stability and are a big step above your average catalog agitators.


  • 1/4 to 5 horsepower sizes
  • Electric Motors – Gear Motors – Air Motors
  • 1 – 5,000 cps viscosity capability
  • Up to 30-40% solids loading
  • 304, 316L stainless, teflon coatings
  • Tank sizes to 3,000 gallons


Our propeller mixer design provides for a quality that isn’t easily matched by the off-the-shelf variety of small scale agitators. What we wanted was:

  • Durability
  • Stability
  • Long Life
  • High Quality

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