Pump Skids & Pump Systems

Pumping Systems

Custom Engineered Pump Skids & Systems

Pump systems and custom pump skids are a necessity to many manufacturing sites around the world who do not have their own ability to mate pump with motor, instrumentation and skid mount all components.

The technical engineers at Sonic have become experts in pump selection and pump system design for your applications.  When engineering pumping skids and pumping systems, we understand how best to select pumps based on fluid viscosity, S.G., flow rate and pressure requirements.  We have close relationships with global pump manufacturers such as Waukesha, Cat Pumps, Giant Pumps, Seepex, Moyno, Tuthill, and more.

Additionally, we’ve become well versed in selection of pumping skid components, instrumentation and equipment such as pressure transmitters, flow meters, relief valves, valves, motors, etc.  We have close relationships with E&H, MicroMotion, Emerson, Baldor and many more.

Complete Pumping System Design

  • Pump, motor, gearbox
  • Inlet pressure and flow controls
  • Pressure transmitters and regulators
  • Flow meters and flow switches
  • Valves, metering valves/disks
  • Safety relief valves/disks
  • VFD controls and Electrical Panels
  • PLC controls and Operator Panels

complete pumping skid system

custom pumping skid

Custom Pump System Design

Many custom pumping systems require high pressure PD pumps but the fluid viscosity is too high.  Sonic has customized these pumping skids using feed pumps that pressurize the primary high-pressure pump inlet.

Sonic programming technicians provide customized PLC and HMI packages to automatically control feed pump and primary pump speeds to maintain constant flow and pressure.  Automation also allows for safety alarms, pressure and flow control, temperature alarming, and more.

Pumping Skids For Any Situation!

Sonic’s customized Pumping Systems are designed to meet a large variety of requirements:

  • High Pressure up to 5,000 PSI
  • Flow rates from very low to 100 GPM
  • Hazardous XP environments
  • Sanitary, hygienic environments requiring CIP and EHEDG
  • Chemical and Industrial areas with corrosives

If your needs go beyond simple pumping skids to more custom Process Skids, see our TechBlend Blending and Process systems which do more than simply pump.

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