Pumping Systems

Pumping Systems & Skids for transferring,
high pressure pumping and metering


Pumping skids are a vital part of every manufacturing facility for transferring, metering and more

Sonic’s Pumping Systems are custom designed to meet your various needs. Our extensive 50 years experience with mechanical and electrical design & fabrication uniquely qualifies us to address your liquid handling applications. In some sense, we’ve seen it all, so we can help. We can add PLC automation and controls to make the pumping unit more robust as well.


The technical engineers at Sonic Corporation have become experts in pump selection and pump system design for your applications. When engineering pumping skids and pumping systems, we understand how best to select pumps based on fluid viscosity, S.G., flow rate and pressure requirements.

Additionally, we’ve become well versed in selection of pumping skid components, instrumentation and equipment such as pressure transmitters, flow meters, relief valves, valves, motors, etc.  We have close relationships with E&H, MicroMotion, Emerson, Baldor and many more.


One of our engineers will work with you and your team to fully understand your needs and help devise a pumping system design concept. Our extensive understanding of PD pumps and various instrumentation will allow us to ensure the system can handle the fluid in question and be safe and reliable. From this we will help develop a process flow diagram, which will lead to a Process & Instrumentation Drawing. These materials will allow us to further discuss and design a pump unit that works effectively for you. Electrical cabinets for VFDs can be designed and installed on the skid by our team of electrical experts.

Pumping Systems designed for Transferring and Metering liquids at
high and low pressures in any environment.


A complete Pumping System will include numerous components and instrumentation. A very simple pumping skid will just include the pump, motor, base and usually a safety relief valve. More complete and complex systems can include much more:

  • Pump, motor, gearbox
  • Inlet pressure and flow controls
  • Pressure transmitters and regulators
  • Flow meters and flow switches
  • Valves, metering valves/disks
  • Tanks and Vessels
  • Feed Pumps for viscous fluids
  • VFD controls and Electrical Panels
  • PLC controls and Operator Panels
  • Hazardous Area Ratings


  • Pressure designs to 5,000 PSI
  • Dosing rates as well as high capacity rates
  • Hazardous Area ratings, for US, Canada, EU, Asia
  • Sanitary Hygienic desins to meet 3A and EHEDGE
  • Chemical pumping and corrosive materials


  • Customized Designs
  • Engineering to provide P&ID
  • 3D CAD capabilities
  • Experts in instrumentation and component selection
  • Outstanding customer support post sale


Sonic is known for its expertise and knowledge about numerous types of valves, meters, pumps, sensors and other components commonly used throughout the pharmaceutical industry. We design and build pump skids that meet stringent 3A and EHDGE requirements where drainability and CIP are primary concerns.  We can ensure safety when working with combustible powders that might be in the processing area near the skid by using XP rated components.

We use high-end orbital welding machines to make hygienic piping and tubing that cleans easily. Our pumping skids use 3A rated pumps by Seepex, Waukesha and more.

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