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Sonic offers a range of test equipment including:

  • Several Sonolator Homogenizer single-feed systems
  • 4-Feed Sonolator Homogenizer system
  • Colloid Mills

Several single-feed units can be coupled together to provide for multiple-feed Sonolator testing.

Most rental units are available quickly and take approximately 2-3 weeks to get out the door. We offer the ability to make modifications, within reason, to the units to suit your needs. In many cases we have changed seals and o-rings to Teflon, Viton and other materials and have gone so far as to allow for nitrogen purge of electrical enclosures for use in XP environments.

Sonic personnel arrive on site with customer to assist in commissioning and initial testing. We are always available to assist in preparing customer for the arrival of the system, making sure all mechanical and electrical installation requirements are fully understood.