Trusted Partners

A Trusted Partner

Our Philosophy

At Sonic Corp, we seek to establish and maintain long-term relationships with manufacturing companies to provide sound solutions for their various mixing tasks. These solutions begin with the custom design and fabrication of skid-mounted Homogenizer and Blending Systems, as well as Pumping Skids and Process Skids.

Custom mixing system by Sonic Corporation

Custom mixing system by Sonic Corporation

Trusted with the customization of blending & homogenizing skids
to meet the customer’s facility needs!

We have been building these relationships since the early 1960s , and some of our engineering, customer service, sales and fabrication personnel have been with the company for generations. Our clients can trust that we will do the job right, that the engineering design will be sound, that the fabrication will be more than solid and spot on, and that the follow-up for training and education will be first rate.

James Conroy

Our intention is to grow with our clients as they grow, and stay with them for the long haul. Whatever their equipment needs, we will be there with the same expert personnel as a Trusted Partner.

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