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Sonic Corp is a reseller for all Waukesha Pumps and Valves.  We offer sales and tech support on Universal series PD and Lobe Pumps, W series Valves, Centrifugal Pumps and more.  The Waukesha brand of pumps is among the best in the world for material transfer, sanitary and hygienic pumping and processing, liquid metering and blending.  Their W series Mixproof style valves are supplied globally for process, CIP and sanitization processes, shutoff, diverting, modulating and more.

Sonic is a world expert in applying these pumps and valves to your various factory needs!

We have engineering and application knowledge that allows us to design and manufacture custom Pumping Skids and Systems using the various Waukesha pumps available.  If you require more than the standard pump mounted on simple frame and require instrumentation, components and a customized size and layout, Sonic can help!  We also design and fabricate custom In-Line Blending and Process Systems using Waukesha and other pumps!

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Positive Displacement Lobe Pumps:

  • Free draining cover in horizontal or vertical port position
  • Rotor/shaft connection sealed from product zone
  • Exclusive, non-galling Waukesha “88” alloy rotors
  • Mechanical seals standard; single or flushed double seals optional
  • Optional steam-in-place and seal flush
  • 316 stainless steel pump body and cover; 316L pump body optional
  • Additional options: jacketed cover, steam-in-place and seal flush, stainless steel bearing frame, electropolish of product contact surfaces
  • Maximum pressure: 200-300 psi (13.8-20.7 bar), depending on model
  • Temperature range: -40° F. (-40° C.) to 300° F. (149° C.)

Waukesha Pump - Positive Displacement lobe

Waukesha S200 Series Centrifugal Pumps

Sanitary Centrifugal Pumps:

The Waukesha S200 Series Centrifugal Pumps are designed for heavy-duty, high-efficiency applications. They provide exceptional corrosion resistance. The impeller and shaft are one piece, which connects directly to motor shaft; eliminating such problems as vibration, short bearing life, high NPSH requirements, high seal maintenance, poor alignment, and adverse operating conditions.

  • 316L stainless steel volute, backplate, impeller and shaft
  • Five-bladed impeller with deeper eye for improved inlet characteristics
  • Modular seal design – one size fits all models

Waukesha Cherry-Burrell Products: W60 Series Valves

A modular family of valves that are the ultimate in easy cleaning, high pressure, low maintenance design. With 16 standard bodies, 12 different actuators, 5 stem types, and a wide range of control tops, the valves can be configured to precisely fit any application.

  • Bodies machined from solid bar 316L with laser welded ports
  • Standard “S” clamps used to connect adaptors and bodies
  • High pressure capability
  • Seal options – Tef-Flow, Tef-Flow P, Tri-Ring (FKM or EPDM), Metal Plug, or Molded Rubber
  • Open yoke 3A design

Waukesha W60 Series Valves

Waukesha 70 Series Mix Proof Valves

Pumping Skid using Waukesha pump

Sonic Corp designs and fabricates Custom Pumping Skids and Systems

We have over 50 years experience with Waukesha Pumps and other pump suppliers where we design and fabricate customized pumping skids and systems to meet a variety of other process needs:

  • Pumping and Metering
  • High Pressure Pumping
  • Material Transfer
  • Sanitary and Hygienic pumping and processing

Sonic Corp has worked with multiple Fortune 500 companies and their manufacturing engineers to develop pumping and process solutions.  We offer a level of engineering know-how combined with customized manufacturing and assembly capabilities that extends far beyond what typical pump manufacturers can provide.

Please also learn about our customized Process Systems offered in our TechBlend In-Line Blending & Process systems.  Here, we offer customized Process System solutions for more than just pumping!